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Hydaulic Boom

Boom Breakaway
In case of impact against obstacles, the boom breakaway ensures an extra protection, thus avoiding damage to the equipment.

Bijet or Monojet Nozzle Holders
Made of Polyethylene with non-drip valves, which avoids waste of chemicals. 0.35-m or 0.50-m nozzle spacing. Hose or stainless steel nozzle holder branch with drain for quick cleaning.

Absorbs the impact and provides excellent stability to the booms, keeping them parallel to the ground even when overcoming obstacles. Spray height between 50cm and 130cms.

800L Tank

Chemical Agitator
Mechanical agitation of the chemical with 3 polyethylene blades. Always homogenous mixture. High resistance against corrosion.

Filler Unit
Available models: JP-75 for 225 L/min or JP-100 for 344 L/min. With quick fitting connection, it provides a quick filling operation without risks of contamination. This system prevents the chemicals from returning to the water reservoirs.

Chemical Mixer (optional)
Made of Polyethylene with a 23 litre capacity, it practically and safely mixes liquids or powders with the water of the 800-liter tank providing a homogenous mixture. The rinse nozzle cleans the chemical containers under pressure with water from the main tank, incorporating the residues with the mixture into the 800 litre tank.

Clean Water Tank
Made of polyethylene with 30-liter capacity, it is incorporated to the main tank. It provides the triple wash of chemical, leaving them ready to be discarded. Hygiene and protection to the operator and environment.

Filtering System
It is comprised of a main filter (FVS 100), stainless steel mesh, shut-off valve and filters in the nozzles. Work free of inpurities and without clogging for clean uniform spraying.


Jacto piston pumps are very robust, durable and low maintenance and designed to work under high pressure, they provide an excellent spraying volume. Pistons with ceramic sleeves resist chemical abrasion.
- JP-75 for 75 L/min at 540 rpm.
- JP-100 for 100 L/min at 540 rpm.

Control Options

System includes electric masterflow control, electronic boom control and electronic boom section on/off.

System includes electro-electronic masterflow control, electronic boom control and JSC-5000 Sprayer control. The JSC-5000 programs and maintains constant application rate (L/ha), regardless of change in tractor speed. It also displays the operating time, distance travelled, sprayed llitres per minute, total and partial sprayed areas and total and partial sprayed volumes. It is equipped with a switch for manual operations and can shut off individual boom sections.