A co-extruded 5 layer film, engineered with high puncture resistance. Its superior strength guarantees its stability for both round and square bale wrapping in the toughest conditions.

Stretch Film

30" X 5000FT40 Rolls / Pallet (2 Layers - 20 Rolls Each)
20" X 6000FT32 Rolls / Pallet (2 Layers - 16 Rolls Each)

Silacord has a high anti-UV content to prevent film degradation and high barrier properties to prevent spoiled fodder. Suitable for round and square wrapping machines.

  • Co-extruded 5 layer film
  • High puncture resistance
  • Superior strength
  • Suitable for round and big square bale wrapping
  • For tough conditions
  • UV protected to prevent film degradation
  • High barrier properties to prevent spoiled fodder

The Advantages of Cordex's Silacord 5 Layer Film

Silacord 5 layer
  • Outer layer is designed for improved cling performance a higher UV stability
  • Middle layers are optimised for improved barrier properties
  • Core layer optimised for improved mechanical performance: higher tear and puncture resistance, better elasticity and transverse stretching
  • Inner layer designed for trouble free application in the field.
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