Maximaster Series

Becchio Mulchers are extremely hard working and can easily handle Australia's hard conditions. These machines are reliable workhorses that require little maintenance and no hassles.


  • Particularly suitable for Australia's tough conditions
  • Ideal for large properties, contractors and public works
  • Smooth, cool running toothed belt and shaft rotor drive
  • Can be fitted with both front and rear linkage (optional)
  • Oversize 220mm diameter for super stability
Both Hammers and Y-Blades available. Heavy Duty steel hammers suitable for grass and wood shredding and Y-Blades for shredding grass, shrubs and vine branches.
The link can be shifted either hydraulically or manually on giudes fixed to the suppoting frame. The configuration makes the machine as compact and robust as required by heavy ground operation.
The rotor is supported by two robust flange supports equipped with large self-lubricating oscillating bearings. Tapered bushes prevent any vibrations or rotor misalignment.
The movement is transmitted to the rotor shaft by means of toothed belts on well balanced pulleys to ensure the best grip and a perfect ventilation. Tapered keys provide a safe locking and prevent vibrations.

Model Summary

Working Width 180mm 200mm 225mm 240mm 260mm 280mm
Total Width 1960mm 2160mm 2410mm 2560mm 2780mm 2980mm
Weight 700kg 770kg 847kg 931kg 1024kg 1100kg
Hammers 20 22 24 26 28 30
Knives 60 66 72 78 84 90
Req. Power(HP) 50/60 60/70 70/75 75/80 80/85 85/90
Other sizes also available.