CH 4000

A self-loading trailed Chainless balefeeder suitable for feeding out all square bales, tight and loose round bales and it maximises feed use. The Chainless 4000 carries 2 bales at a time and is designed for medium to large operations feeding out 500-3000 bales each year.



The innovative Chainless design eliminates feed chains, meaning fewer moving parts. The result is very low maintenance plus simple and safe operation.


Will easily feed out round or square bales, any size. The Chainless can handle any type of bale that you have on hand - balage, hay, straw, lucerne etc. 


Bales are teased apart by variable rotors. The Chainless lays down a fluffed-up windrow which stock can easily eat, reducing trampled and wasted feed. 


Proven farmer-friendly bale loading systems. We have set the bench mark for others to follow. When we say total control we mean it.


  • Two bale feeder
  • Unique, patented total control loading system
  • Infinite variation in feed control
  • Will handle a huge variety of bales
  • Heavy-duty drive system: all sprockets, shafts and chains
  • Heavy-duty 6 stud axle assembly
  • High tensile steel used in chassis and components
  • A unique fork position indicator for easy bale aligning
  • Only 2 sets of double-acting hydraulics are required
  • High ground clearance and clean under-chassis
  • UV resistance and non-corroding polyethylene platform


  • Bale sizes round: 4’ X 4’ – 6’ X 4’
  • Bale sizes square: all sizes up to 8’ long
  • Bale weight: up to 1000kg ea
  • Unit weight: 980kg
  • Hydraulics required: 2 X double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi
  • Capacity: 2x bales (round or square)
  • Tynes: 2x Forged high tensile
  • Towing eye: Adjustable height, 50mm swiveling forged, 12t rated
  • Axles: 6 Stud, 60mm Square
  • Wheels: 10/75 R15.3
  • Loading: self-loading

Optional Extras

  • Side chute
  • Stringbox
  • Extra tyne
  • Square bale extension
  • Flotation tyres
  • Trac grip tyres
  • Mudguards